World Recreational Fishing Conference 9

Rotterdam, the Netherlands: 4-8 JULY 2021

From 4 till 8 July 2021, the 9th World Recreation Fishing Conference is taking place in the Netherlands. This is the only conference where scientists from all over the world meet to exchange knowledge on all subjects involved in fishbiology and recreational fishing. It will be hosted by the Royal Dutch Angling Association Sportvisserij Nederland in the city of Rotterdam. The WRFC is organized every three years, with each edition taking place in a different country.

Organizing hosts

The conference will be hosted by The Royal Dutch Angling Association, ‘Sportvisserij Nederland’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Radboud University Nijmegen and Wageningen University and Research.

Sportvisserij Nederland supports and advises over 800 Dutch angling clubs with membership administration, restocking and maintaining fishing waters, animal welfare issues and fishing lessons at public schools. Sportvisserij Nederland is both member and chair of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA), member of the Dutch Olympic committee and sports federation NOC-NSF and works together with several environmental organizations… CONTINUE READING>

Why we host the WRFC 9

Recreational fishing is the third largest sport in the Netherlands, closely following soccer (1) and tennis (2). Above the age of 45 the sport even has the highest participation. With an overall participation of 8% it is one of the largest outdoor activities in the Netherlands.

An important motivation for us to host the WRFC is that in the Netherlands research dedicated to recreational fishing concerning the behaviour of fishermen as well as socioeconomic and social impact is only just developing. All water bodies in our country are assessed in terms of fish stocks, protecting and restocking, habitat restoration etc. We face large challenges to protect and maintain sport fishing possibilities in Europe since urbanization and nature restoration are common and… CONTINUE READING>

WRFC Conference 2020

Recreational fishing in a changing world
Our world is changing rapidly. We humans are changing. Urbanization, overfishing and animal welfare are tough and well known issues. The sport fishing sector will have to deal with these challenges. During this conference science and knowledge on these subjects will be presented and discussed.

Impact and changes
The impact of the above mentioned changes together with climate change, restoration projects as well as the globalization and the impact of dispersion of exotic species is investigated by many scientists. This conference is the place to get updated on, discuss or present your results and talk about challenges and solutions in recreational fisheries…. CONTINUE READING>

About the WRFC

Organizing committee
The organizing committee will be taking care of all logistical aspects of the conference. CONTINUE READING >

Scientific board
The scientific board consists of 20 scientists from all around the globe, with some of them being WRFC experienced while others are new board members. Dutch scientists are part of the board as well. We have put extra effort in finding female fisheries scientists willing to participate. The aim of the scientific board is to compose a conference program about the main theme – recreational fishing in a changing world – and subthemes most relevant for participants. Curious who’s in the board? Find out here: CONTINUE READING >

WRFC 8, Victoria (Canada)
The previous WRFC edition was held in Victoria, Canada in 2017. This conference had some great presentations which can be found on this website as a PDF…. CONTINUE READING >

The 9th episode of the WRFC will be held in the Netherlands. The previous eight editions have been organized all over the world. It all started in Ireland…… CONTINUE READING >

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Schiphol International Airport is the most user friendly airport in the world and the 5th largest in Europe. It has even – repeatedly – earned the accolade of being the world’s favorite airport. Schiphol is a major international hub and the gateway to Europe. Click here for an instruction video about the ease of travelling from Schiphol to Rotterdam Central Station.

Places to stay
In Rotterdam you’ll find numerous hotels for practically every budget. Preferred is our partner in hotels. Check our Destination page for more information or go to the Preferred page to find a room for you stay.

Places to fish
From Rotterdam there are various excellent fishing opportunities ranging from fishing saltwater, brakkish water to freshwater, all within a short distance. The North Sea has flatfish, cod and a population of seabass. Also from the banks in the harbor close to the rivermouth seabass can be a great targetfish. In the Netherlands you do not need a license for fishing in the sea. For fishing in Rotterdam you need a license called the VISpas which allows you to fish with 2 rods in most waters in the Netherlands. The freshwater nearby contains large perch, pikeperch as well as pike and populations of bream, roach and asps. CONTINUE READING >

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